About Me

I’m Outlandish Lex and I like to explore.

What’s my story?

1653601_10102946812795367_2144142909_nLex is short for my real name, Alexei.  I was born in San Francisco and grew up in a quiet, safe, sleepy nearby suburb where we were forced to entertain ourselves by doing stupid stuff like dancing on top of cars.

I worked as an actor and voiceover talent in Los Angeles for a few years.

Then in 2011, I took a job offer to go work in Singapore.

That changed everything.

Living in a foreign country awakened the infamous “travel bug.”  Though, it would be more accurate to call it “travel hardcore crack.”  Addiction is no laughing matter; I haven’t lived in the USA since 2011.

So why this website?

Traveling is such an intimidating idea for many people.  So I am here to tell you straight up:  Travel does NOT have to be expensive, or complicated, or scary.

Traveling with the right mindset can be cheap, simple, and liberating!

1560403_10102953211607097_971548456_nAlthough I may still be that same crazy kid from NorCal, and that weirdo actor from LA, travel has opened up my mind, and completely changed how I see the world.

 Not to mention I’ve accumulated some ridiculous stories and lessons learned the hard way.

 I hope these stories make you laugh, and give you some great ideas and aspirations for your next trip (or your first one).

And if it ever gets a little overwhelming, what I always say is:

 Travel isn’t inherently special or glamorous… it’s just going to someone else’s hometown that they are probably bored of.

What makes it special is noticing the little things that those people may take for granted and in turn having a greater appreciation for where you are and where you come from.

Thanks for stopping by.

Alexei RyanOutlandish Lex