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Alexei Ryan

alexei ryan

How to communicate when you don’t speak the language

By On March 30, 2014

Most of us in the Western world are spoiled brats.  We learned 1 language.  English.  If we are ambitious we may CHOOSE to learn a second one but it rarely goes anywhere. … Read More

gurning alexei

The UGLIEST face on Earth: Gurning Championships

By On March 29, 2014

Ever woke up in the morning, stared in the mirror and gasped in horror?  For some of us, all it takes is a bad morning to go from a bright-eyed charming protagonist… Read More


How to be an awesome travel buddy

By On March 28, 2014

Experiences are so much better when you can share them with someone, and even if you go solo, you are bound to meet people along the way (which is the best part… Read More

chiang mai zipline

Beginner’s guide to the 4 main spots in Thailand

By On March 27, 2014

Thailand is an amazing and beautiful place, and like any country, it’s hard to define it in any one way.  There is so much to see and one blog post won’t do… Read More


5 tips to survive sketchy night trains in Europe

By On March 15, 2014

Night trains are usually an awesome way to travel: you can walk around, stretch your legs, get a bite to eat, and you get a freakin’ bed to sleep away all your… Read More


A new website?! How will I contain my excitement?!

By On March 8, 2014

Yes I know, it’s exciting.  I can nearly keep my pantaloons on.  You may be saying, “OMGZ ANOTHER TRAVEL BLOG?! WHAT’S SO DIFFERENT ABOUT IT LEX?!” Well, this one will be WAY… Read More